Workshop Proposal 11

Workshop Title Regional IGF initiatives: creating and strengthening linkages among different regional IGF initiatives and global IGF
Thematic Area of Interest Regional perspectives and differences in Internet Governance
Specific Issues of Discussions & Description Strengthening the linkages between different Internet Governance Forum initiatives and the global IGF has been emphasized upon in different venues and Internet governance related working groups.

In order to more effectively contribute to the Internet governance process, the cooperation of regional IGF initiatives with each other and with the global IGF is of paramount importance. What strategies and methods should be adopted in order to create and strengthen the linkages between these initiatives? This workshop will discuss the different methods and approaches to creating a strong link between Asia-Pacific and PersianIGF and other regional IGF initiatives and their contribution to global IGF. It pinpoints how innovative and focused regional and thematic IGF initiatives can contribute to policymaking venues and how critical the cooperation of the IGF initiatives for capacity building and outreach.

Expected Format and Target Panel Members The workshop will be in a round table format with representatives from Asia-pacific initiative

Speakers TBC

Workshop Organiser PersianIGF Secretariat, Hiam Mardini/Farzaneh Badiei