Workshop Proposal 4

Date: 3 Aug 2014

Time: 10:30 – 17:00

Venue: Amoha Room

Workshop Title The Internet for The Justice Sector: Names & Numbers and How they Work
Thematic Area of Interest Orphan Issues
Specific Issues of Discussions & Description APTLD, in cooperation with APNIC, ICANN and .nz, is keen to host a workshop targeted at members of the Justice Sector (Police, Lawyers, Judges, Regulators) to provide an overview and training in how the Internet works and how participants can find relevant information from authoritative public sources.

The training will be provided by APTLD, .nz Domain Name Commission, APNIC and ICANN.


The program will be:


  • DNS Basics – How the Internet Works

o   Allocation of Numbers can be dynamic.

  • Internet Coordination – Who’s responsible for What.
  • Authoritative Details for Names (Domain Names) – no one-stop shop

o   gTLDs & ccTLDs


  • Authoritative Details for Numbers (IP Addresses) – Fewer places to look, but more than one

o   RIRs & LIRs

o   WHOIS for Numbers

  • Using Numbers to Find Names, Using Names to Find Numbers.  Using Numbers to Find People.
  • Where to find the numbers.  Where to find the names

o   Mail Headers

o   Log Files

  • Other Topics of Interest

o   Proxy Servers

o   VPNs

  • Case Studies
  • Practice


The focus will be on information that is publically available.


Expected Format and Target Panel Members Expected Format: Full Day Lectures, Case Studies & WorkshopsTargeted Audience: Members of Police Forces, Lawyers, Judges, Regulators and Private Investigators. Community groups interested in privacy and human rights may also want to attend.

The training will be provided by APTLD, .nz Domain Name Commission, APNIC and ICANN.


Don Hollander – APTLD

Barry Brailey – .nz

Srinivas Chendi – APNIC

Champika Wijayatunga – ICANN

Workshop Organiser Don Hollander, General Manager, APTLD