Workshop Proposal 10

Date: 6 Aug 2014

Time: 10:30 – 12:00

Venue: Tapas 3

Remote Participation LInks: Video / Text / Adobe Connect

Workshop Title Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters(Secure and Civilized Internet for the Innocent Minds & Next Generation)
Thematic Area of Interest
Specific Issues of Discussions & Description Internet Governance Forum for Pakistan is a Civil Society Forum, initiated by Urdu Internet Society/ Council during IGF Public Forum 2010. This forum also hosted IGF Remote Hubs in Pakistan during IGF Meeting Year 2011 & 2012.IGFPAK/UISoc is working with International organizations to conduct awareness programs, workshops and conferences in Pakistan related to the agenda of WISIS for IGF especially for Information Security in the region. IGFPAK/ UISoc have also actively working with UN GAID (Global Alliance for ICT & Development to achieve Millennium Development Goal along with the coordination of Pakistan Technology Board.IGFPAK/ UISOC both platforms have been participating in the ICANN, IGF and APrIGF Meetings and had been actively involved in discussions about the Internet and Information Security Issues, IDN ccTLDs and new gTLDs Programs in Local, National and Global public interest and policies development processes.Last year IGF Pakistan has successfully organized a workshop at 2013 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum ( for the foundation of Civilized Internet for the Innocent Minds & Next Generation with the same title Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters.As proposed in last workshop, we are establishing a global consortium to join their hands to implement the proposed structure to form a Civilized Internet for the Innocent Minds & Next Generation and do their efforts jointly for the implementation and delivery mechanism for appropriate and approved contents, information and applications to the right person and the enablement of pre-requisite framework for contents identification for which age base groups it relates (like contents or application are safe for Kids and/or Teenagers and/or Youngsters or for which age base users?).The proposed workshop for [email protected] is the progress advancement for the same initiative commitment.The purpose of Open Forum Workshop is to invite enhanced cooperation of Users, Business Constituencies and Stakeholders to ensure the standardization of code of ethics ‘اخلاق†ضاب†طہ†ب†ن†یادی†’ and Internet Communities commitment of good governance for the implementation of Secure and Civilized Internet for the Next Generation “THE INNOCENT MINDS”.Agenda:1. Security: Online Safety/ Protection & Legislation for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters Internet.2. Legislation: Privacy & Human Rights and Obligations for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters3. Innovation: Creative Ideas to be supported like new IDN gTLDs e.g dotKID(S), or dotBaby4. Recognition: Invites stakeholders to represent collective or individual efforts, acknowledge their initiatives, and develop central repository highlighting achievements.5. Desirable Internet: (Let us implement Civilized Internet)6. Roadmap for the enablement of Civilized Internet for the Next Generation
Expected Format and Target Panel Members On-Site Speakers:

  • Mr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and President, Cyberlaw Asia (Moderator)
  • Mr. Babu Ram Aryal, Internet Society Nepal (Moderator)
  • Mr. Rajesh Chharia, ISPAI (Internet Service Providers Association of India)
  • Alok Vijayant, Director, NTRO
  • Mrs. Kusum Duggal, Educationist and Retd Principal. Delhi Public School
  • Dr Ashima Puri, Psychologist
  • Mr. David Ng, DotKids Foundation
  • Saakshar Duggal, Youth Coordinator, Centre against Cyberbullying, India

  • Ms. Ujwala UppaluriCentre for Communication Governance at National Law University, Delhi, India
  • Mr. Subhash Dhakal, Director, Department of IT, Government of Nepal

Remote Speakers: 

  • Mr. Imran Ahmad Shah (Urdu Internet Society, Internet Governance Forum of Pakistan)
  • Mr. Wang Shengkai (CNNIC, China) (Remote Participation)
  • Mr. Mohammad Abdul Haque, Secretary General, Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF), (Remote Participation)
Workshop Organiser Organizer: Imran Ahmed Shah/ IGFPAK (Internet Governance Forum for Pakistan), PakistanCo-Organizer: Rajesh Chharia/ ISPAI (Internet Service Providers Association of India), IndiaCo-Organizer: Babu Ram Aryal/ Internet Society Nepal, Nepal